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FOX News #1 Rated Tech Trend For 2010: “You’ll Attend a Funeral Online”

For a variety of reasons, many people simply cannot attend a funeral.  By far, the fastest growing memorial technology families are choosing is called funeral webcasting, which allows you to “attend” a funeral or memorial service “live” via the Internet.

The way funeral online is able to provide a “live” online funeral event is by using a private, secure, and password-protected website.  So what this means is that if you cannot be there in person, you now have an excellent option to “attend” this special event live from anywhere in the world…as long as you have access to the Internet.

“Unfortunately, there are always loved ones who can’t make it to the memorial service.  With funeral online, they now have an excellent option…no matter where they are on the planet!”   Laura Procunier, Broomhead Funeral Home

Not surprisingly, Funeral Directors are rapidly embracing funeral online, offering this new memorial option and funeral video as a standard option for their families to improve their funeral and memorial planning experience.

This video below reviews the key features and benefits of Funeral Webcasting

How Does Funeral Online Work?

Using innovative funeral technology, families and loved ones can now view the actual memorial service live from whatever location is most convenient.  So the main feature that makes this funeral video stream so unique and user-friendly is that your only requirement is having access to the Internet.

Another feature that explains why many families are using funeral online is because their loved ones funeral video and memorial service can also be stored as a funeral online, or “on-demand”.  This “on-demand” feature allows families and loved ones to view this special memorial service at any time of the day or night.  Also, since these memorial services are stored and archived, they can usually be accessible for up to six months.

What About Privacy and Security Issues?

Some families choose to have this online funeral service open to the public.  However, given such a personal and sensitive topic, most families are not comfortable having their loved ones memorial service broadcasted to the general public via the Internet.

So not only does every family have a choice to have this viewed publicly or privately, but they can also be certain online funeral option is encrypted to guarantee their privacy, safety, and security.

1.   Privacy — Funeral Online privacy is accomplished by offering this service through a private website that uses highly sophisticated and encrypted password protection.  This ensures that only the people you wish to join in this memorial service and funeral video can participate.

2.   Public — Families also have the option to have their memorial service viewed openly by the general public.  This allows anyone with access to the Internet who knows where this funeral online is being broadcast to “attend”.

So as you can see, choosing a private or public viewing is solely at the discretion of the family.

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