Memorial Reefs

Green Burials at Sea Create an Underwater Living Legacy

A memorial reef is another new and innovative way for families to create a permanent living legacy and memorialize a loved one.  The trends in the funeral industry that are experiencing the fastest growth are cremation and green burials.  Through using new funeral and memorial technology, memorial reefs now serve as a helpful and healing cremation option.

See Why Families are Choosing Memorial Reefs:

What is a Memorial Reef?

Memorial reefs are an environmentally-friendly burial option which is increasingly being chosen versus more traditional green burials and cremation options, such as urns or ash scatterings at sea.  The process includes mixing a loved ones remains into an environmentally safe concrete mixture which then creates a personalized memorial reef.  Each memorial reef is then placed into specific location in the ocean accompanied by a special ceremony at sea.  So a memorial reef is a unique cremation and memorial option, offering families a green burial that provides their loved ones with a living legacy at sea.

Key Features and Benefits of Memorial Reefs:

  1. There has been a significant increase in media coverage about this new memorial technology, so the media is helping families learn more about many of the cremation options being offered today.
  2. Given the rapid growth in technology and information-sharing via the Internet, more people are sharing and learning about this new memorial option for a green burial at sea.
  3. More families are choosing cremation, so innovative cremation options are becoming more widely-recognized and accepted.
  4. Another increasing trend is green burials. Memorial reefs are considered to be a green burial because they serve as artificial reefs which contain environmentally-safe features and meet requirements to promote the growth of sea life.

Who Might Be a Good Fit for Memorial Reefs?

  1. All Branches of the Military, particularly the Navy
  2. Social Workers, Volunteers, and others who have served
  3. Sailors, Fisherman, Scuba Divers, or water/beach lovers
  4. Loved ones or families with environment-friendly focus
  5. Those looking for green burial cremation ideas
  6. Those choosing this as a substitute for traditional cremation ideas
  7. Families wanting a memorial reef located at a place of vacation and memories

Additional Features and Benefits of Memorial Reefs:

Most memorial reef companies will invite and encourage all of the family members, friends and loved ones to participate in the creation of their personalized memorial reef.

Participating includes, but is not limited to, being present during the building process, placing your handprint or personal message in the casting, joining the viewing ceremony, join a memorial service underwater at the memorial reef site, and even placing a flag on your loved one’s memorial reef during a Military Honors Ceremony.  Each of these activities (as well as many other options) can offer a special peace of mind, time to grieve, or help the healing process for everyone involved.

On the day of a loved one’s memorial reef dedication, family members and friends are usually invited to the reef site.  Once the memorial reefs have been cast and set out to sea, families feel this is a wonderful place for their loved one to enjoy their “life-after-life”, since memorial reefs serve as artificial reefs and promote sea life.

Ultimately, memorial reefs are a new memorial option that is providing families a special place where they can gather together, enjoy a place near the water, get away for a vacation with special memories, and enjoy the peace of mind to know their loved one’s final resting place is where “they belong”.

Before the scheduled memorial dedication, all of the family members, loved ones, and friends are invited to view their loved ones personalized memorial reef.  The viewing is an opportunity to see and touch the Memorial Reef, take photos, make rubbings of the bronze plaque and write final goodbyes and tributes on their unique memorial.

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