Memorial Jewelry

Personalized Memorial Heirlooms and Unique Cremations Option

A Memorial diamond is created to honor and remember a loved one, family member, friend, or even a special pet.  These custom, genuine. and certified memorial diamonds are a popular alternative to the traditional cremation memorial options such as cremation urns, memorial reefs, or ash scattering.

A memorial diamond contains the essence of your loved one forever, since it holds the tangible remains of a loved one which is then mounted into the cremation memorial jewelry or your choice.  They can be set into a vast selection of settings in both white and yellow gold, and become very special family keepsakes and heirlooms that can be cherished for generations to come.

This brief video helps explain many of the key features and benefits:

Additional Features and Benefits:

1.  A Memorial Diamond is Eco-Friendly

Since the lab diamond cremation process mimics the earth’s high pressure and high temperature a memorial diamond can be created in 70 days or less, which is a fraction of the time to create a natural diamond.

2.  These Diamonds are Conflict-Free

•  While other synthetic diamonds are mass-produced gems, every memorial diamond is 100% personalized and hand-crafted.
•  Each cremation diamond is professionally certified, verifying it is 100% genuine and authentic.
•  Every diamond comes with a lifetime guarantee for a personalized family heirloom
•  Can be customized from various cuts, sizes and five elegant and stunning colors

A Personalized Memorial diamond represents a distinctive way to capture the essence of a loved one, and provide families with arguably the most unique cremation memorial opportunity available in current times.

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