Gravestone Technology

New Memorial Technology That Brings Headstones “To Life”

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“High-Tech Headstones To Speak From Beyond The Grave”

As the funeral industry keeps pace with the growth in memorial technology, cemetery memorial options are constantly being introduced.  One of the newest and most innovative memorial headstone options is today’s new gravestone technology.

These new memorial gravestones are available for the new gravestones of a loved one who has recently passed, and they can also be added to any existing gravestone. This provides the opportunity to offer a “new life” to past family members, as well as generations to come.

Today, this new gravestone memorial technology can offer so much more than your traditional gravestone.  These unique cemetery memorials are an amazing combination of stone craftsmanship and advanced gravestone technology.  Surprisingly, the typical cost usually adds less than 5%  to the average headstone purchase price.

Given some of the amazing features and benefits (listed below), these personalized gravestone memorials allow you to store and share and remember a loved ones life story and details…for multiple generations to come.

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  1. A More Positive Experience:  Given the ability to “connect” better through videos, pictures and extensive details of a life’s story, these new headstone memorials can provide a much more positive place of remembrance, as well as minimize feelings of grief and loss.
  2. Can be Added to Both New…AND…Existing Headstones:  Whether you are considering using this technology for a loved one who has recently passed, or adding this new technology to an existing headstone,  this offers the ability to create a more personalized gravesite for generations.
  3. A Long-Lasting Tribute:  Given the enhanced features of this new technology, families can create a more personalized memorial tribute for a loved one, which can be expected to last for thousands of years.
  4. Ability to Leave a Better Legacy:    Families can now offer children, grandchildren, and future generations the opportunity to visit and learn more about their ancestors, loved ones, and extensive family history.  This creates a lasting legacy for generations to come.
  5. Stored and Accessible Forever:  Unlike other memorial options, your loved ones videos, photos, and life stories are guaranteed to be archived, stored, and accessible forever.  Therefore, as long as the Internet continues to exist, your information remains readily available and accessible.

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