Video Tribute

Healing Combination of Funeral Video, Photos and Funeral Music

As the Internet continues to grow, the funeral industry is keeping pace with new memorial technology options.  Today, families can access many helpful and healing memorial options that have been proven to add value to create special life tributes.

At the top of this list, arguably the most commonly chosen memorial option is called a Video Tribute.  This customized funeral video is rapidly becoming a standard part of most memorial service and funeral home services.

“Since my family never knew this memorial technology existed,  I strongly encourage every family to consider this memorial option.  Watching this together with your loved ones offers a special opportunity to celebrate, remember, and heal…and also keep as a treasured family heirloom.”
Christopher P. Hill, Founder,

View This Brief Summary of a Video Tribute Features and Benefits:

What is a Video Tribute?

Family and friends always enjoy reflecting on the life of a loved one.  So the main purpose of a Video Tribute is to accomplish this by celebrating the cherished memories, life stories, and life events shared by all.

By definition, a Video Tribute is a custom-crafted, high-quality, memorial video production that contains personally chosen photos and your selection of appropriate music.

Once completed, the music, photos, and video are choreographed and played simultaneously together to create your personalized Video Tribute.  The most common ways families use a memorial Video Tribute is during a memorial service, uploaded online to share with others, as well as imported into a personalized memorial website.


“My video tribute for my loving, always-smiling and ever-giving mother:”
Christopher P. Hill, Founder

Five Ways Families Benefit from a Video Tribute:

1. This funeral video can serve as an excellent presentation to complement a special memorial service, given their professional production and premium quality.

2. Most Grief Counselors, Funeral Directors, and Family Counselors agree that a Video Tribute can significantly help in coping with grief and loss.

3. Most photos (even torn, faded, or old) can be restored to bring out the highest-quality memories using state-of-the-art technology.

4. When you coordinate a loved ones pictures, fitting background funeral music, and memorial video,  the story and memories create a special moment everyone can share together.

5. Customized scenery and themes can be added to this high-definition funeral video, which significantly helps personalize and illustrate the story of your loved ones life.

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